Client: Scottish Power Renewables
Date: March 2021 – May 2021
Location: Rigged Hill Wind Farm, Limavady, Co. Londonderry

Project Details:

A new Access road approximately 3KM long will be constructed from the Terrydoo Road to the existing onsite track, connecting the southern end of the existing track of Rigged Hill Wind Farm.  The works incorporated the following:

  • Construction of new site entrance from Terrydoo Road
  • Removal of existing hedge and visibility splays to facilitate the installation of new site entrance
  • Construction of the 3Km of new access track,
  • Installation of temporary compound
  • Installation of a suitable drainage system for the Access Road
  • Installation of new stock-proof fencing, gates and cattle grids
  • Provision of a double-width stock-proof galvanised gate at each end of the access road, including provision of “Tay Hope” locking system
  • Installation of appropriate permanent “goal posts” and control measures in the vicinity of overhead lines.
  • Installation of 2m high aluminium snow poles at 50m centres or significant changes in direction.
  • Installation of large rocks on either side of the road for the purpose of demarcation
  • Passing places will need to be installed on Terrydoo Road, between Cam Quarry and the entrance to the new access road

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